Lexilogia is an integral method of phonological and morphological awareness of the Greek language, with a clear beginning, mid and end. As a whole it builds gradually and effectively on both levels of awareness.

However in the case that phonological awareness is already obtained sufficiently (this applies to end primary and high-school students but also to adults), the course Lexilogia 2 or even 3 is the right starting point.

Before choosing one of the programs, be sure it suits your level, see: courses

Lexilogia 1

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Group registration: Lexilogia 1 is also suitable for group tutoring. In the event of a pre-school or a primary school being interested in using this preparatory method of phonological awareness in the class room, please contact info@lexilogy.com

Lexilogia 2

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Lexilogia 1 + 2

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Lexilogia 3


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