4th grade of primary school

"You build words and it is like a nice game, like FRIV!  Whenever you feel like it, you can use it, just at home. Every day you become better in reading and spelling. This change comes very fast."

5th grade of primary school

"It helped me a lot in spelling. It is logical and it makes me understand how words are built up. I don’t get lost anymore when I am writing. Spelling is not difficult for me anymore. You don’t get bored doing the exercises. They are interesting and the movements of the colours are very nice. It’s fun!"

3rd grade primary school

"When building up the table with prefixes (purple), you notice that you remember all these prefixes very well afterwards."
"It’s a pleasant program especially the exercises with the balls."
"It never leaves me disappointed!"
"It is different from the way you learn at school, and much easier."
"It helps me to write without any difficulty."

Working mother 2 children

I am a working mother of two children, 6 and 11 years old and I am absent from the house for many hours a day, so unfortunately I don’t have the time to help my children with their homework. The program Lexilogia helped me a lot in overcoming this problem. With only 10 minutes a day my youngest son who started the 1st grade this year, learned to read and write in one month, without any help from me. He can read fairy tales and stories by him self, something that he finds very entertaining. He likes the fact that he is more advanced then the other children in his class.

My eldest son, who experienced some difficulties in spelling, improved considerably in a very short time with Lexilogia 3. He doesn’t make mistakes anymore in essays. He finds the program of very amusing and in a few minutes a day he has learned to spell right and read without difficulty.

2nd grade high school

"The program Lexilogia 3 seemed a bit weird to me in the beginning, but soon I realized it was very useful. It helped me to understand the structure of every word, where it comes from and how the word is divided in separate morphemes. The colours used for every different morpheme help a lot in understanding complex words. This comprehension contributed in approving my spelling skills... In a few months I saw important progress in my reading and spelling skills!"

2nd grade high school

"Initially I had my doubts how all these colours could help me with spelling. It seemed a bit childish to me. But when I understood the concept, it started to have a meaning. I saw the relation and slowly the words started to fold open before me, without any effort. Eventually it is a very simple program, easy and nice and it looks like a computer game."